File Your Taxes Within 24 Hours

Fast Track Tax Filings

Don’t have time to make it to our office?  Follow the steps below and you can have your taxes filed within 24 hours and have your return direct deposited to you.

(Use the checklist  here to prepare)

  • Upload

    or fax 1-888-422-4717 your source documents and a copy of last year’s tax return unless you have previously filed with us before.

  • Email us at and provide us your preferred method of communication; email, text, or phone.
  • We will review your source documents and contact you regarding our costs.
  • If you agree we will prepare your tax return.  If you disagree with paying us then we will destroy our copy of your documents.
  • When your return is complete we will contact you and invoice you.
  • Once you have signed and paid we will file on line and provide you a copy of your return and source documents either by mail or a digital copy.