Impression of Control in Your Business

Now that we’ve made it through tax season, I wanted to share some thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head as a direct result of working with so many small business owners this spring. It’s about control – … Read More

6 Steps For Your Business Planning

Now that we’re on the backside of 2018, we’re at a critical time to review and check in on strategies that you may or may not be deploying for your business and investments.  While my team and I are experts … Read More

Small Businesses: Stop and Quit Spending

Here we are, past the halfway mark of 2018 and guess what?  If you’re like a lot of companies I’ve been talking to, you’ve spent too much already this year. Not that you’re not making it back, but the budgets … Read More

Building a Company or Building a Job?

This month, we’ve spent a lot of time developing the ideas of entrepreneurship versus small business ownership and I wanted to ask you to play a little game with me for the next two weeks. It’s really simple and won’t … Read More

Don’t let Form 940 Trip You Up

Now that we’ve made it past April 15th, accountants and business owners all over the country are breathing a collective sigh of relief.  One thing we run into every year, though, that trips up new entrepreneurs, is handling and accounting … Read More

What kind of an Entrepreneur are you?

There’s a veritable gold mine for companies that study and collate information about small business owners and entrepreneurs.  After all, every one of them is a likely source of either good news or bad news and many – if not … Read More

Extension Filing Deadline for Business Returns

No matter how you slice it, if you’re a C or an S corporation, September 15 is the last day to file if you have filed an extension.  We’ve been over this time and again, but just like Christmas, even … Read More

Making a Small Business a Big Business

Have you ever studied Tom Watson and how he created the colossus that is IBM? For starters, he envisioned how IBM would look before he started making moves and changes and he spent a great deal of time trying to … Read More

5 Things to Be A Better Business Owner

Let’s face it – most training is only designed to do one thing – make you better at what you do.  More efficient, faster, and better on the Job. Most of the time, training – as its sold to business … Read More

Are You Working IN Your Business or ON your Business

An interesting thing happened a few weeks ago when a friend of mine started having the inside of his house painted.  He met with the painter who walked him and his wife through the entire process of how his company … Read More

Businesses: Beware of The Trends

No matter where you look, people who should know better are caught up in trends.  It’s become part of the parlance of our times, after all, things are “trending” on social media, and trends DO offer the chance to make … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions For Businesses?

Happy New Year! So here we are, another year older and presumably another year wiser.  Undoubtedly, you’ve made a list of resolutions that might look suspiciously like last year’s – get in shape, save more money, make more money, etc… … Read More

Tax Avoidance by Large Companies

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