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Understanding the new normal of quarterly tax payments.

This month’s newsletter took a deep dive into the new “gig” focused economy that many “regular” wage earners are playing a role in with side jobs in companies like Uber, Lyft, and UpWork. What a lot of folks forget about … Read More

What kind of an Entrepreneur are you?

There’s a veritable gold mine for companies that study and collate information about small business owners and entrepreneurs.  After all, every one of them is a likely source of either good news or bad news and many – if not … Read More

Why Do We Like Charitable Companies?

Companies long ago mastered the idea of “giving back” for a lot of reasons – some based on tax benefits and some on completely altruistic grounds.  In many cases, the idea of giving back usually didn’t mean giving away profits, … Read More


While the U. S. tax law that was passed last year is giving homeowners some new options, California homeowners and renters could receive more tax breaks under a proposed initiative for the November 2018 state ballot. The reason is simple, … Read More

Extension Filing Deadline for Business Returns

No matter how you slice it, if you’re a C or an S corporation, September 15 is the last day to file if you have filed an extension.  We’ve been over this time and again, but just like Christmas, even … Read More

A New Twist for Homeowners in the New Tax Bill

When the tax bill passed last year, there was a lot or press given to the new 20 percent break for “pass-through” businesses.  For a lot of hourly and salaried employees, it was just another example of how business owners … Read More

Still Haven’t Filed? No Problem!

Don’t make it harder than it has to be! I know, in the back of your mind, you keep thinking “I’ve got to get this stuff to Jupiter Tax” but life keeps getting in the way.  Weather, work, kids, dinner. … Read More


It’s that time of year again – a whole new crop of young people have gone out and gotten themselves their first job.  Maybe it’s flipping burgers, maybe stocking in retail, or maybe they’ve opened a Shopify store. No matter, … Read More

Making a Small Business a Big Business

Have you ever studied Tom Watson and how he created the colossus that is IBM? For starters, he envisioned how IBM would look before he started making moves and changes and he spent a great deal of time trying to … Read More

What is the EITC and How Do I Qualify?

Nothing is more misunderstood than the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).  Period.  Here’s the deal:  the EITC was initially designed to provide support for working parents – as any parent knows, there are PLENTY of costs associated with raising kids.  … Read More