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Have You Found More Time?

Good Morning- One of the biggest challenges tax professionals and accountants face is assisting our clients in gathering all the information and documents they’ll need to be able to calculate their tax bills.  This time of year, of course, is … Read More

Some Things to Pay Attention To…

Good Morning, – Now that we’re really “into” 2020 and those of us who are digging into our New Year’s Resolutions are seeing progress while other folks may have … “misplaced” them, I wanted to pass along an interesting observation … Read More

If Nobody Knows, Can You Even Do It?

Good Morning – Now that we’re in the second week of 2020, I really wanted to check in to discuss those resolutions you made.  We ALL know that most of us fall back on the old “New Year, New Me” … Read More

New Year, Old Problems?

Good Morning, – Inevitably, one of the most common questions we get here when it comes to employee benefits for our clients is those pertaining to healthcare.  It’s no secret that healthcare costs, no matter who is in office, continue … Read More

Is Your Vision 2020?

Good Morning and Happy New Year! Now that the collective holidays are past us and we’re plunging into 2020, I wanted to reach out to not only welcome you to the next decade, I wanted to try to get a … Read More

Rethinking Your Taxes

Happy New Year, Welcome to 2020!  Like many of us, I’m sure you’ve made a whole host of resolutions for the New Year.  I did, too.  Today, though, I wanted to reach out to ask you – were those resolutions … Read More

New Tax Laws Passed

The President signed into law the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020. This Act not only prevented a government shutdown, but also passed many tax provisions. ExtendersThe Act passed the following: Retroactive reinstatement for the mortgage insurance premium (PMI) deduction and … Read More

20/20 is here…

Happy Holidays, First things first, this isn’t one of those sappy “New Year’s Resolutions” emails.  I’m saving THAT gold for new month.  What this is, though, is a quick note about your own goals.  I’d like you to take some … Read More

Never Quit Learning

Happy (Almost) New Year,! Before you start getting bombarded by New Year’s Resolutions (that’ll be next week for us 😊), I wanted to reach out and ask you to add one to the list. I want you to not worry … Read More

Getting Clear on When (and How Much!) You Can Contribute

Good Morning, We’re getting SUPER close to the end of the year and, just like every year, we’re getting tone of calls about what accounts can be contributed to after December 31st and which ones will remain open for contributions … Read More