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Build Your Dream Business by Systemizing

The truth is, examples like our barber above are exceedingly rare.  The “entrepreneur” is really just a Technician, as Michael E. Gerber pointed out in The E-Myth Revisited and the Technician only wants to do the work. Cutting hair. Fixing … Read More

Replace Yourself in Your Business

One of the challenges of replacing yourself in certain roles within your business is that you have to actually understand how to train that job, and that’s something that many people really can’t elucidate.  In fact, one of the key … Read More

Impression of Control in Your Business

Now that we’ve made it through tax season, I wanted to share some thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head as a direct result of working with so many small business owners this spring. It’s about control – … Read More

Individual Tax Planning and Vacations

Now that the family vacation is behind you and the financial costs are readily apparent, can we talk about how you can save money next year? I know that a lot of you are thinking, “It would have been nice … Read More

6 Steps For Your Business Planning

Now that we’re on the backside of 2018, we’re at a critical time to review and check in on strategies that you may or may not be deploying for your business and investments.  While my team and I are experts … Read More

Getting in touch with your finances this fall

Back to School shopping has ended and Christmas shopping hasn’t begun so there is plenty of time to do a little “financial cleansing”. Why?  Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to stop and think about how and … Read More

Small Businesses: Stop and Quit Spending

Here we are, past the halfway mark of 2018 and guess what?  If you’re like a lot of companies I’ve been talking to, you’ve spent too much already this year. Not that you’re not making it back, but the budgets … Read More

Tax Planning: Is It Too Early?

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from tax season, it’s that every year, we see first-time filers struggling with software, tax codes, and sifting through paperwork they aren’t sure they need.  With the new “gig centered” economy – Uber, … Read More

Building a Company or Building a Job?

This month, we’ve spent a lot of time developing the ideas of entrepreneurship versus small business ownership and I wanted to ask you to play a little game with me for the next two weeks. It’s really simple and won’t … Read More

Don’t let Form 940 Trip You Up

Now that we’ve made it past April 15th, accountants and business owners all over the country are breathing a collective sigh of relief.  One thing we run into every year, though, that trips up new entrepreneurs, is handling and accounting … Read More