Appointment Confirmed

Congratulations! Your appointment has been scheduled.

During the current novel coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic, I operating my office as normal.  The IRS has extended the April 15th 2020 deadline until July 15th 2020.

As you noticed when you made the appointment, you have the option to come into my office or do a video call for your appointment.  If you need to change your option form in office to video call or vice versa text me 561-247-5876 or email me at to let me know and I will change it ASAP.

If you are coming into the office:

My office is located at 319 2nd St.  It is a blue house on the corner of Loxahatchee Dr and 2nd St across the street from Jupiter Elementary School.

Please bring all of your tax documents along with the last 3 year’s tax returns if you are not a returning client.  You may use the 2019 New Client Organizer to guide you in gathering your documents.

You may upload documents via the websites secure file transfer

If your appointment is by video call:

You should receive an email within 24 hours of your appointment time.  It will contain a link to join our video call.  On a computer this link will open in a web browser and function without having to download anything.  From an iPhone or Android phone or tablet, clicking on this link with lead you to a download prompt for an app called mobile app.  Downloading and installing the app should only take a few moments.

Click on your link at your appointment time and we will meet on a video call.

If you have digital copies of your source tax documents you may upload to me at this link   You can use this link on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

If you need to take pictures of files and send them to me, these are the best steps to take:

  1. On a web browser in your tablet or smart phone navigate to my upload link
  2. You will have spaces to enter your email address, name, and company name if applicable. This is used for internal tracking purposes, so I know who uploaded what.  This allows me to keep all of your files together.

  3. The next page is a file request from me.  Underneath where it says ‘Drag files here’ there is a link to ‘Browse Files’.  If you click on that you will be able to chose your camera app and use it to take a picture of any files that you want to upload.
  4. If you need to add more, you can click on the ‘Add more’ in the upper right hand corner of the next screen.
  5. After you have all the files you want to upload on the list, click on the ‘Upload’ button in the bottom left to upload the files to me. Each file will show ‘Uploaded’ when completely uploaded.

Please be courteous and email or text 561-247-5876 if you should need to reschedule or cancel the appointment.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you.


Feel free to use these alternative tax organizers:

JPT General Engagement Letter