About the Process

About the Process of Filing Taxes with Jupiter Tax Prep

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  • Free Initial Consultation or Meeting piggy_bank
    • Bring last year’s tax forms and the current years documents (Use the checklist  here to prepare)
    • I’ll provide an estimate of how much you owe or how much you’ll be getting in a refund.
    • I will also quote you how much my fee will be
  • Tax Forms Preparation/ Organization of Data history
    • I will go over all of your data, organize it and then prepare the tax forms.  If I need additional information or clarification I will contact you via your preferred method.
  • Review and Sign the Tax Forms
  • E-File or Mail the Tax Forms efile
  • Invoice or Pay in Person cashbox
  • Pay Taxes Owed or Await a Refund
    • You can opt for direct deposit or have the IRS mail you a check
  • Records cabinet
    • We keep your tax forms on file for a minimum of 7 years.
    • Lost everything in a fire and need your tax forms? You can request them at any time for any reason.