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Will the Equifax Data Breach Affect My Tax Filing?

The IRS has relayed some information about the Equifax data breach that affected around 143 million tax payers that although it exposed names, social security numbers, and addresses it would be near impossible to use this to file a fraudulent … Read More

Tax Relief For Victims of Hurricane Irma

According to the IRS website there is tax relief for those affected here in Florida by hurricane Irma.  Taxpayers on an extension for their 2016 tax return that ends October 16, 2017 now have until the end of January to … Read More

Expect 2016 Tax Refund Delays

There is a new federal tax law that will cause a delay in received refunds in 2017 for the tax year 2016 filings.  If you planed on filing your tax return as early as possible you will have to wait … Read More

Recent Tax Bill Scam

The IRS is making people aware of a recent tax bill scam.  This scam involves sending people fake IRS tax notices that say the tax payer owes more money due to the Affordable Care Act.  They clearly chose this component … Read More

Struggling to File Form 990-N

If you are struggling to file the Form 990-N know that you are not alone.  The IRS stood up a new form 990-N e-postcard electronic filing system on 29 February 2016.  This new system replaced a non-government third party.  Numerous … Read More

Numerous Georgia State Tax Law Changes Effective July 1st 2016

On April 27, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) signed into law legislation that makes a number of changes to the state’s tax laws, including sales and use taxes. The act, which becomes effective July 1, 2016, makes the following changes … Read More

Maryland Reduces the Annual Interest Rate for Tax Deficiencies and Refunds

On May 10, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) signed into law a bill that reduces the annual interest rate for tax deficiencies and refunds. The interest rate will reduce by one percentage point each year, with the current 13 percent … Read More

Don’t Pay Your IRS Back Taxes With An iTunes Gift Card

According the the FTC there is a recent scam where people will pretend to be from the IRS and request that you pay your back taxes using an iTunes gift card.  This is a scam.  The IRS will not call … Read More

Avoid Paying Back Premium Tax Credit for 2016

Did you have to pay back some of the PTC Premium Tax Credit when you filed your 2015 taxes?  This was likely due to you earning more money in 2015 than you estimated when you filed for your health care … Read More

700 New Jobs at the IRS

The IRS will be hiring roughly 700 new staff members to assist with enforcement.  This should theoretically help resolve tax issues faster as you or your hired CPA, EA, or attorney could spend less time on hold and less time … Read More