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Avoid Paying Back Premium Tax Credit for 2016

Did you have to pay back some of the PTC Premium Tax Credit when you filed your 2015 taxes?  This was likely due to you earning more money in 2015 than you estimated when you filed for your health care … Read More

700 New Jobs at the IRS

The IRS will be hiring roughly 700 new staff members to assist with enforcement.  This should theoretically help resolve tax issues faster as you or your hired CPA, EA, or attorney could spend less time on hold and less time … Read More

How to Choose a Tax Professional

In order to do your taxes you hand over a lot of personal information. First and foremost you want to choose someone you can trust. Some good questions to ask would be: What do you do with my personal information, … Read More

Where Did the Taxes You Paid in 2013 Go?

Source: PolicyMic

Year End Quickbooks and Tax Special!

Are you a small business owner or sole proprietor? Do you find yourself procrastinating the bookkeeping, accounting, and tax work this year? Would you like to hire someone else to organize and account for your income and expenses for 2013 … Read More

Only Check ‘Where’s My Refund’ Once a Day

If you have filed your tax return and you wish to track your refund the IRS offers an online tool to track this.  According to IRS.gov they have been reporting a high number of online requests on this tool.  So … Read More

Tax Avoidance by Large Companies

Created by: www.MastersDegreeOnline.org

Professional Tax Return Preparers

As of now anyone who prepares tax forms needs to have a PTIN a Preparer Tax Identification Number.  According to IRS.gov there are currently 638,317 active PTINs.

How Much Does the Tax Code Change From Year to Year?

Over the last 10 years the Tax Code has changed an average of 442 times each year. Source: IRS SOI Tax Stats – Individual Income Tax Returns Publication 1304

Can I Claim Medical Expenses for Adult Children?

When people learn that I work in taxes they typically have tax related questions, especially around tax season. A friend of mine recently asked if she could do something about all of the medical expenses she paid for her son … Read More